Rules & Regulations

  • Guardians are requested/directed to procure receipt for all sorts of payments made in the college and not to give any more price to any person of the college [without the permission of the principle].
  • Student s should collect Identity Card at the time of admission and has to be kept in safe custody ,on loss of I.Card The duplicate may be issued after payment of RS.20[AS a fine] .I.Card must be produced at the cash country for entry.
  • All STUDENT Must be attend the flag hoisting ceremony on26th jan [Republic day]&15th August [Independence day]in proper dress.
  • Teasing/Ragging etc will not be allowed by the college if any student found guilty she will be issued T.C. immediately.
  • NO Student will be allowed to go out of college campus during the college hour .if any student found in irregular situation outside the campus ,her name will be stuck –off from the college register .
  • Well behaviour will be highly appreciable and expected from the students. Any mis behave found they will be issued T.C. immediately.
  • Using Mobile phone/cell phone is strictly restricted in college campus and in the classroom.
  • Selection list will be notified in the notice on the notice board on date announced by the college ,student should take admission on the date mentioned in the list failing which her admission will be cancelled.
  • If any student admitted in honours .without eligibility, through over sight she will be shifted in pass course immediately when over detected.
  • 75% attendence is must for all students ,failing which they will not be eligible for filling up exam form.
  • All student s directed to see the notice for daily for current information.
  • Guardians are not permitted in college campus.
  • The Guardians contact the authority only on emergency at 3p.m to 4p.m daily at working days.

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